A poem for my old dog

As her health begins to fail…

Y. Vue
2 min readMar 11, 2022


Photo by Klas Tauberman from Pexels

To the green green grass we go

To the green green grass we go, my girl

to where mountains ride the sky and the sun kisses the sea

to rainbow clouds and vermillion fields of wildflower blooms

to where pain and sorrow are but a distant memory

to where youth is everlasting and we roll like we know no tomorrow

to rivers we’ll run and the endless fields of daisies we’ll slumber away the days

Till night embraces the dawn, I will stay with you

till the ocean meets the sea, we shall jump and dance

till the moon shines her shy light upon your graying head, I will hold you

Be not afraid that I would leave you solo on this road

Fear not, my sweet sweet girl, that I would abandon you now when the silver light is all we have

and the darkness grows its long shadow upon our tail

fear not that my love would shatter in the wake of ending

I will embrace you to the very end of time itself, hold you dear and hold you fierce

even as the hands of time reaches for you against my chest, I won’t let go so easily

I’ll hold on until I know you’ve gone far beyond me to the green green grass.



Y. Vue

Treading that fine line of common sense.