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So a millenial ABK (American Born Korean) told me — an immigrant kid born on foreign land in the aftermath of the deadliest war my people had been caught in — that he had some “constructive criticism” for me and that I needed to “decolonize.” Evidently, on my social media…

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Sometimes, with all of the noise around me, I am so ready for our alien overlords to just come take us over. There’s nothing more unifying than a terrifying new enemy.

But undoubtedly, we’ll also fight over that as well.

No wonder the aliens avoid us. We’ve just barely gotten…

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This is not going to be as eloquent as my other pieces. Instead, it’s going to be straight to the point. After the Kungsheng Maxwell Thao domestic violence episode that circulated through Hmong social media a few days ago, the inevitable comments came to the forefront. …

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Part of the problem with America today is its fanatic, foaming at the mouth mob mentality where headlines are used to rile people up. It’s used on both the left and the right and it creates fodder for the angry masses. I’ve decided to stop submitting stories to An Injustice…


Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

This is Taylor Swift during her Speak Now era. Back then, she used to wear her makeup in a smokey cat-eye style that made her eyes look more squinty and a bit more “exotic and sultry.”

On a rainy, New York City spring evening, my co-worker Carla (not her real…

9-year-old Ezra Blount. Photo courtesy of the Blount family for media use.

The disaster at the Astroworld Music festival could have been 100% prevented, but through a lot of carelessness from multiple sources, it wasn’t. For sure, Live Nation holds a lot of responsibility. Travis Scott also. …

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