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Child soldiers, the Secret War, and America: A legacy of blood on our hands.

Photo by Max Muselmann on Unsplash.

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Life Lessons

It doesn’t take much to hit rock bottom

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Finding the meaning of living

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Race Relations

Let the cultural slaughter begin.

Screenshot taken by author, from movie Gran Torino.


Grammarly is the shiny toy in the writing world. Does it live up to snuff? This writer finally caved and gave it a go.

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Defying America’s assumption that Asians are a monolith and that we’re all the same

My older brother and I in a refugee camp in Thailand in the late 1970s. Photo credit my dad.


What remains of us after we’re gone.

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*Trigger Warning* Discusses rape and the fallacies and truths about male victims

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Y. Vue


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